Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Brighton!!!

I have so much to catch up on!! But first and foremost I need to say 9th Happy Birthday to Brighton. We had a lot of celebrations going on over the holiday weekend. Brighton's birthday was Saturday, May 24th, and we had a friend party for him that day, and then on Sunday we had a family get together to celebrate.

Let me tell you what I love about Brighton:

  1. His eyes. You can tell so much about a person's spirit by looking in their eyes. You can see for yourself in the picture.

  2. Brighton is so enthusiastic! When he is excited about something, he beams. Sometimes he can't control the excitement. "Wow, I'm just shocked! I just, I just can't believe you got me that. I'm so excited . . ."

  3. He's really giving. This weekend he brought Enoch an early Father's Day present, because he just couldn't wait to give it to him. He brought him a little toy fighter jet, and just "knew" his dad had to have it. Brighton has given me several thoughtful gifts, and has even tried to give me money, because he says the "adults need it more" than he does because we "have to pay bills and stuff"!

  4. Brighton is so sweet and tender-hearted. He is always thinking of other people's feelings.

  5. He is quick to say he's sorry. And he always means it.

  6. Brighton is very grateful. His "thank you"s are usually mini-Oscar speeches.

  7. He is very affectionate. He is always the first to give you a huge hug when he walks in the door. And they are the good truly-excited-to-see-you hugs.

  8. He can be pretty stubborn, but once you let him have a little space, he's quick to recognize how silly he was being.

  9. Brighton is such a goof ball. He's not afraid to be silly like the rest of us.

  10. I'll never forget the time I was dropping off H2 and Cassidy at their dad's work. Brighton came into the store with me and asked if he could hang out by the toys while I was around the corner and within 30 seconds I hear my full name over the intercom, followed by "you have a lost child". Not what I want announced at my ex's work! But I am glad that Brighton was smart enough to look for help. I definitely learned my lesson on that one! :)

  11. I love that Brighton is such a good friend to his siblings. It's fun to have two boys the same age, yet only had to give birth to one of them! Brighton and H2 are inseperable when they are together. They call each other "Bunny Brothers" because they realized that they were both born in the year of the rabbit. I tried to encourage a tougher club name like "the jack-rabbits", but they insist on "bunnies". Oh well. Bunnies are cute and loveable - and less disease-infested.

  12. Brighton is probably the most athletic of all the kids. He excels at any sport he tries. His basketball coach said to us, "One day we'll be paying to watch Brighton play this sport." That wouldn't surprise me at all, yet he still looks to the sidelines with a huge grin on his face after every basket to make sure we saw it. I love that!

  13. It's so fun to watch Brighton with Enoch. He is the most interested in hunting and shooting, and can tolerate watching those types of shows with Enoch the longest! Truth is, he loves it too. What is it about a boy snuggling up to his dad on the couch and cheering "Shoot it, shoot it. Look at the rack on that . . . elk (of course)!" How heart warming. :)

  14. I have yet to beat Brighton in the video game "Trophy Hunter" at the Nickel Arcade. He has such a good shot, and no matter how many times I've tried he still wins. One time he did let me win so I can't count it!

  15. Brighton is that piece of the family puzzle that anchors everyone else around him. He's not the most outspoken, or flamboyant, or center-of-attention-seeking child. Yet he's the constant. The one who's personality quietly pulls the family all together.

I love you Brighton! Thanks for letting me be another mom to you. I feel so privileged to have you in my life.