Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hunter Enoch receives the Priesthood

I can't believe Hunter Enoch is already 12!  When I first met Hunter Enoch, he was 8 and trying to convince all of the other children at the ward Christmas party (including Hunter Eugene and Cassidy) that Santa was a fake! That was the same day that I knew I was going to date his dad (unrelated to Hunter Enoch's mischevious nature)!  Hunter Enoch has grown up so much since then and I have loved every minute of having him in my life.  He has been such an example of strength and faith to our family.  He is the oldest of the boys in the bunch, and they look up to him so much.  Sometimes he gets them all into trouble, but he is always the first to say he's sorry. :) This was such a great day for him, and we are all so proud of the young man he's become.  Hunter Enoch and his dad also went to the temple together for H1's first time, and had a great experience.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Echo Lake, Montana

Enoch really wanted to take a trip for his birthday, so Enoch, Brighton, Rome and I went to Echo Lake, Montana.  It was so beautiful.  We spent time with our good friends Curtis and Mandy, and their families.  On the way back, Enoch got the ultimate birthday gift: He was able to tour both an ammunition factory and a gun making factory.  He was in heaven - even better than a kid in a candy store!