Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Highlights from the past couple of months . . .

My husband the hunter from the great white north!  Enoch just got back from a hunting trip with his buddies Curtis and Randy outside of Grand Prairie, Alberta.  He had a blast!  A nice 4x5 Muley, a 5x6 Whitetail, and a Roughed Grouse.  Some nice tablefare (at least the kids love the jerky).  I'm just grateful he didn't get eaten by a bear.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  And yes - Hunter Enoch was really cold the whole time we were trick-or-treating.  We tried to warn him :)

Here's another beautiful picture of American Fork Canyon.  We live in such a beautiful place.  Sometimes I really miss the beach, but then all I have to do is drive up this canyon, and I'm grateful this is my home.  Enoch and I got married really close to this spot.