Friday, February 27, 2009

Draper Temple!

When the LDS church opens a new temple, they allow for public tours before it's dedicated.  Enoch, my mother, and I took the kids to the Draper temple yesterday so they could experience it, and see why we love to go there so much.  They loved it!  There have been so many times that I have sat in the temple and felt so close to my Heavenly Father.  Enoch and I have sat together in the temple often to seek answers and guidance in our lives.  Having the opportunity to feel Heavenly Father's love, comfort, and reassurance at difficult times in that sacred place has brought us together as a couple more than anything else.  I'm so grateful for temples and can only hope and pray that our children take the opportunity to experience for themselves the spirit that dwells there.  I'm so grateful to my mother, who has been the most amazing example to me of finding joy in going to the temple.  Love you mom!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Weekend Getaway!

Enoch and I took a short trip to Southern Utah this past weekend.  We had so much fun!   We relaxed, and drove through Zion's which is so beautiful this time of year, and found all sorts of wildlife.  Of course a Robey trip wouldn't be complete without some kind of incident.  We thought it would be really fun to check out this beautiful cabin development that claimed to have paved roads throughout.  We were having so much fun admiring the beautiful cabins, and following the wild turkeys when all of a sudden the asphalt stopped, and we were stuck in the worst mud with nowhere to turn around!  After at least 45 minutes of Enoch's superb driving skills - going back and forth splattering mud everywhere, and a ton of prayers we were finally able to eek our way out!  Thank goodness, because it would have been a long walk in the snow!  It took an hour and twenty dollars in quarters just to get the freezing mud off the car so we could drive safely.  I reassured Enoch we would laugh about it one day (I was laughing already, but knew it wouldn't be a good idea to show it yet)!  He actually laughed about it much sooner than I expected.  All it took was a stop at our favorite Mexican restaurant ever - KanKun - in Beaver, Utah.  The owners, who have become very good friends since we go there so often, hooked us up with a lifetime supply (okay maybe a week) of chips and salsa!  Enoch was smiling in no time.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Flour Game!

I grew up playing The Flour Game with my family, so I thought I'd teach it to the kids.  All you do is fill a small container with flour, pack it down tight, flip it over onto a plate, and add a dime to the top of it.  Each person takes a turn cutting the flour with a knife, and whoever makes the dime fall has to get it with their nose.  Why we love it so much, I'll never know!  But for some reason Enoch didn't want to join in . . .  :)