Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Love of my Life!!

Where do I begin?! Here are just a few of the MANY things I love about E:

1 - Enoch is such a good person. He wants nothing more than to be the best husband, father, friend, son, uncle, and brother. He is the best, but he's still always trying to be better!
2 - I love how Enoch loves the Lord. I love that we pray together, read together, and go to the temple together. E is always seeking God's guidance in his life decisions, and he follows in faith, no matter how hard it might be.
3 - I love how romantic E is. He's taken me on numerous surprise getaways, left love notes everywhere, taken me dancing under the stars, constantly surprises me with big and little gifts . . . I could go on and on!
4 - I love how tender he is. He's not afraid to show his emotions. Yet he's still all male!
5 - Enoch has this amazing love for other people. He would give you the shirt off his back - which would never be a bad thing! :)
6 - When he's stressed, he cleans - REALLY WELL! And he's much better at laundry than I am! He can get any stain out, folds the clothes perfectly, and even puts the clothes away -which is like torture for me. I've never had to pick up after him or clean his shaving remnants in his sink - in fact his sink and closet are so much cleaner than mine are!
7 - I love the way E loves me. He tells me he loves me numerous times throughout the day, and calls me randomly to say he's thinking about me and grateful for me. He's very affectionate, and I always feel like he's proud to have me as his wife.
8 - I love the way E loves ALL of the kids. He treats them all the same, loves them, plays with them, wrestles with them, snuggles with them, and spends time teaching them.
9 - I love that he puts up with me! We both have our faults, and our marriage isn't perfect, but he loves me despite all my many flaws and believes in me.
10 - Thanks to E, at our house colors are defined by Dirt Bike brands. It's funny how all of the neighbor kids know to ask, "Can I have a drink in a Yamaha cup" (Blue), or "Can I have the Honda plate please?" (Red).
11 - What other 38-year-old do you know with hair like E's?! I love that he's so stinkin handsome. I love his eyes, his smile . . .everything. The only problem is he's 9 years older than me, but people think we're the same age! You should see the looks we get when all 5 kids pile out of the SUV!
13 - E is my best friend. There's nobody else on earth I'd rather be with - whether we're camping, hiking, debating :), going to movies, talking, wakeboarding, skiing/snowboarding, scuba diving, eating, sleeping, cleaning, singing, wrestling, shooting - no not at each other, shopping, laughing, crying, praying, or just snuggling on the couch doing absolutely nothing. It's him I want next to me.
12 - I love that Enoch is the constant reminder that Heavenly Father loves me. It is only through miracles and "tender mercies of the Lord" that we were brought together. I could have spent the rest of my life looking for someone half as amazing as Enoch, and would never have found him on my own. Yet God knew we were far from perfect but perfect for each other, and took me right to him!

I love you like crazy E. Thanks for loving me, and letting me love you back.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy 11th Birthday Hunter Enoch!!

It seems like we've had so many Birthdays lately! Both Hunter Enoch (H1) and Enoch celebrated their birthdays this week, so I need to write what I love about them. Forewarning: It may be a long entry!

What I love about Hunter Enoch:
1- H1 is so intelligent. I could never go on the show, "Are you Smarter than a 5th grader?" because I know if I were competing against H1, I would lose!
2 - I love the sweet tenderness H1 has. He is aware of and really cares about those around him.
3 - H1 is a natural leader, and kids around him want to follow his every move. I love that he recognizes that and strives to be a good example.
4 - H1 has read more books than any child I know - and he challenges himself in his reading. I don't know any other child who's read "The Da Vinci Code" and actually understood most of it - scary!
5 - Even though he is so smart, Hunter is also really cool. He is your typical skateboarding, dirt bike riding, wakeboarding, video game-playing kid.
6 - I love that Hunter is the first one to say he's sorry when he realizes he made a mistake.
7 - I love that Hunter has so much faith. One time we had my friend's daughter staying the night, and she fell and hurt herself. Because it was late at night, she was so tired and we couldn't console her. She cried as I held for at least 20 minutes, and then H1 came up to me and said, "Let's say a prayer for her." I asked him to say it, and within the first 30 seconds of his sweet prayer, the little girl fell asleep, and was happy as can be the next morning.
8 - I love that H1 wants to be just like his dad - he loves to ride motorcycles, go shooting and hunting. Enoch especially loves that H1 was willing to sacrifice all of his birthday gifts for a .22!
(We went for the annual ski pass - not sure which one is safer . . !)
9 - Hunter Enoch has such a strong testimony of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. He bears his testimony often to others, and many people have commented on how their faith has been strengthened by him. One time, H1 got in front of the whole church congregation, long hair and all, and expressed his love and gratitude for his Savior. Our bishop said to us, Hunter is the perfect example of what we want our children to be like, and maybe we don't need to worry so much about deciding how childrens' haircuts or clothes are going to be, but it's more important to focus on helping them feel God's love for them.
10 - H1 has such a big heart, and is able to love all people.
11 - I love how H1 loves to be with his younger brothers. Sometimes when they're supposed to be sleeping, I hear the boys talking instead. When I was about get upset at them for not sleeping, I realized Hunter Enoch was telling Brighton and Hunter Eugene funny stories. It's become a fun tradition for them. One time I "caught" H1 reading scriptures to them.
12 - H1 is the oldest boy and will be able to carry the Robey name forward. I know that means a lot to his dad
13 - I love that H1 knows what he wants, and he will do everything he can to get it. That might be one of the biggest challenges for all his parents, but I'm glad that he's strong-willed!
14 - H1 has been through a lot in his life, but he's a fighter, and he's been such a good example of holding strong and keeping the faith.

I love you so much Hunt! Thanks for being such a good example to me, and allowing me to love you!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What Are We Putting Our Faith In?!!

I saw these pictures, and I thought they were so funny! But then it got me thinking - what am I putting my faith and trust in? Hopefully not frogs and stingrays! I also love how the mouse could be looking for it's "prince" that just so happens to be right under it's nose. Sometimes we forget to appreciate everything that's right in front of us because we're too busy looking at the gazillion things going on around us! So today I am focusing on appreciating the blessings right under my nose, and making sure I'm trusting God to get me to safe harbors! But then again, perhaps its a lesson on the fact that sometimes He guides us by putting unexpected friends in our paths!