Thursday, April 9, 2009

Perspective changes everything

* I was feeling really sorry for myself and the stress in our lives yesterday morning.   But then I attended the funeral of my 83 year-old next door neighbor.   I am so fortunate that I didn't have to bury my husband today.  Ok, I'll admit, sometimes I . . . just kidding babe.
* When I woke up early (reluctantly) to help clean the church to prepare for the funeral, I started off with a terrible attitude.  But as I was cleaning the beautiful building and had the chance to think to myself about all of the blessings that come from attending church there with my family, I realized how selfish I was being.  And I was so grateful that Enoch was there fulfilling his Priesthood duties.
*  I've had a cold and it's hard to breathe.  My head was pounding, and then I think, OK - I'm grateful that I didn't spend the last year with an oxygen tank as my source of air supply like my neighbor did until he passed away.
*  I have an ingrunal hernia that hurts like crazy, and I can't do anything about it until after the baby is born.   But then I am so fortunate that we are able to have children bless our lives.   Plus, I don't get nauseous or sick when I'm pregnant (just tired), so I really can't complain.
*  Last night, one of the kids projectile vomited ALL over the other kids, and the seats, and the floor, and carpet of our car while we were driving on the freeway.  The blessings I realized then are . . . okay I'm not perfect.   I wasn't grateful for anything at that moment. :)

Headshots of Kiddos

Thanks to my awesome sister-in-law Katie, we were able to get some last minute headshots for the kids when my agent called to see if they could come to an audition with me the next day!  Katie you rock!  Thanks for the awesome pics :)