Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Forest!!

Yes - I know - I'm really late on this one!  But I promise Forest, I don't love you any less!  

Some of the many things I love about Forest:
  • I love how Forest has the biggest heart and has the amazing ability to love everyone.
  • I love that Forest is possibly more goofy than I am - I know, hard to believe!  But she keeps up with my crazy silliness, and we have a lot of fun together.  
  • I love Forest's laugh!  When you really get her going, she snorts like a pig.  I've had to leave the room on occasion so that I don't pee my pants :)
  • Forest is a great sister.  Cassidy loves weekends when Forest is here, because amazingly, Cassidy's hair looks even cuter!     
  • Forest is incredibly talented.  She's good at whatever she puts her heart into.  I don't know the first thing about dancing, but I do know that I can't help but cry every time I see her on stage.  She's amazing.
  • I love Forest's style - she always looks adorable.  I love even more that we can share those adorable clothes and shoes!
  • I love that Forest has such a strong belief in God.  There have been many times that she has encouraged others to pray and seek for guidance from Heavenly Father when she knows they're having a hard time.  She has so much faith, and believes and understands Heavenly Father will love and guide us through our difficult times, because she has experienced that for herself.  I'm so proud of her for seeking Him, and then sharing her experiences with others.
  • I love how beautiful Forest is, on the outside and within.  I just wish she'd stop growing, she's already inches taller than me, but I guess that's not much of an accomplishment :)
  • I love that Forest is so excited about the baby we're having.  Sometimes I wonder if she's more excited than I am!  I know she's going to make a great older sister - yet again.  
  • I love being a stepmom to Forest.  It's not always easy blending families, but immediately I loved her as much as if she were my own.  I'd never want to take her mom's place, but I'm so grateful I get to have her in my life too.  And hey - I didn't have to give birth to her or even change her diapers, yet maybe she'll be changing mine one day.  :)
I love you so much Forest!  Thanks for letting me love you.