Thursday, May 6, 2010

My New Life

I have the best job in the world!! I am so blessed to work for the LDS Church AudioVisual Dept, and get to help to make messages like this one. I didn't work on this one specifically, but I now work directly with the 2 producers that did. I've been so excited for this message to come out. Even though I've seen it several times, I still get tears each time, and I'm reminded how beautiful mothers are when we recognize our divine calling. This woman is the inspiration I needed to blog more often. We all have different purposes and experiences in this life, but we need to share our trials and life experiences so maybe we can be an uplifting source of hope for others. I know Stephanie has helped me in my life this week, and I've never even met her. Thank you Stephanie!! To read her blog, go to


Ida said...

I am looking for the family of Doug and Shirley Robey who lived in Saudi Arabia many years ago. Are you related to those two people? We lived with them and visited them in Kansas City after both of our families returned to the states.

Ida said...

Now I have looked at the pic of Enoch's family and I wonder if the Sister Robey I knew (Shirley... or was that her dau?) was in it. If you would prefer to not answer by email, you could perhaps give my info to her and she could respond. She may remember me.... we had a baby while in Saudi Arabia and she might remember it. There were three of us LDS families, two were pilots and us. We met together for church in our home.

The Robey Bunch said...

Sorry it took me so long to respond. My mother-in-law and father in-law are the ones you knew! Annie and Doug lived in Saudi Arabia for a time. They have several children - including Shirley, Hoyt, Dale, Rachel, and K. Enoch -my husband. Doug passed away of cancer back in 1992 I believe, so I didn't have the privilege of meeting him. But Annie is still living, and has since remarried a wonderful man named Ed. I will give her your information. What a small world!